Season Premiere Advance Clip: Talking Boners

Usually the words “premature” and “boner” never go well together. However, in this instance, you’re getting an advance (“premature”) clip of tomorrow night’s brand new episode of “Guy Code.” In the first show of season three, the cast will be discussing Getting Fat, Getting Engaged, House Parties and everyone’s favorite…BONERS.

This evening, you’re getting a little taste of “Guy Code”‘s Boners with the following video clip. Watch Lil Duval, Charlamagne, Melanie Iglesias, Lisa Ramos, Donnell Rawlings discuss woodies, as well as and new cast-members Dan Soder and Tiffany Luu, who thinks the best thing about a boner is it “signals the guy is in to her.” What man wouldn’t be into this?

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