The Best (Well, Most Awkward) Failed JumboTron Proposals

jumbo tron wedding fails

One of the topics discussed on Tuesday’s season premiere of “Guy Code” is getting engaged. The cast will tell you how to do it… but here’s a lesson in what not to do.

You love your girlfriend and you love watching sports, so why not combine both with a JumboTron wedding proposal?

Because you want to avoid the fate of these poor saps, who got rejected in front of countless viewers, including their favorite athletes. Grab a sweater and bundle up; you’re about to experience some intense douche chills.

1. Rangers Fan Has Heart Checked Into Glass

Don’t crowbar a Rangers reference into your proposal by calling your girlfriend a “blue-shirt bride.” Also, getting down on one knee is a little more romantic than just making a gesture towards the JumboTron.

2. Bruins Fan Suffers Unbearable Embarrassment

A telltale sign your wedding proposal isn’t going well: your girlfriend looks you dead in the eye and says, “Are you joking?” This guy wasn’t joking, but his public heartbreak generated big laughs.

3. Houston, We Have A Problem

When a guy’s pitching a no-hitter, it’s bad luck to mention the fact that it’s happening. Likewise, when a guy’s proposing to his girl at center court, you shouldn’t bring up the possibility of her completely rejecting him. We blame the announcers for this one.

4. Wizards Fan Makes Girlfriend Disappear

This one’s our hands-down winner, simply for the buildup and the fact that he didn’t even finish his proposal before getting shut down. Adding insult to injury: the JumboTron operator flashed SHE SAID NO on the big screen. At least she got some tickets out of it?

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Sean Green (@greenroomshow) is a standup comedian and podcast host living in Los Angeles