50 Cent’s Favorite Gadgets At CES 2013 [Interview]

Credit: Justin Miller

Plenty of celebrities, from Ludacris to Snooki, pop up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for product endorsements–but rap mogul, author and actor (and headphone connoisseur) 50 Cent distinguishes himself by hanging around for the whole week, promoting his various ventures to anyone who’ll listen. Fiddy took time to drop some knowledge on us about how to survive “the Super Bowl of gadgets,” and which ones have him the most excited.

Which booths do you like to visit when you’re on the floor?
As soon as I make it to CES, I usually scout the different floors and check out where the new TVs are being displayed. I also get a kick out of checking the newest in the camera area [like the Samsung Galaxy Camera]. To me, they are like the canvas to an artist for the general public. I’m always amazed how easy it is to shoot something and see how quickly it gets a response from the fans.

Have any products especially impressed you so far?
It’s tough for me, I only get a small window each day to roam the floors. When I get out, a crowd starts to form and people ask for me to sign stuff, and that takes the time I’d want to check stuff out. When I have time to sneak away, I have my eye on those new 120-inch 4X television screens. They are like the size of movie screens for your home! I also like the new products from Gunnar Optiks. They are great and essential for anyone that sits in front of a screen.

What other new technology has caught your eye?
Waterproof cases. The number of times I mess my phone up… the guys at Apple expect to see me soon after I get a new phone. Until I knew you can fix your own screen, I was there like every month.

What’s the best swag you’ve picked up?
I usually get some cool audio stuff, but this year has to be the Pro Box rig for my Canon 5D video camera.

You’ve got the music, headphones, books, movies… what are we going to see next?
I want to go green–I’m looking at green cars and things like that.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen here?
Porn stars! I see them all over, and I don’t get it.

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