Why FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Is Bulls**t

We all know YOLO, but it has a close relative: FOMO, the fear of missing out. They’re both excuses for making questionable decisions, but YOLO is about bravery (however ill-advised) and FOMO is about cowardice. Our friends at BroBible further parse the acronym’s problems:

FOMO > Actual Event

For many, a good recent example could’ve been New Year’s Eve. Feeling obligated to celebrate, maybe you dropped $200-plus at some packed open bar event, solely because other people were dropping $200-plus to be at some packed open bar event. In that sort of environment, you’re not actually going to a New Year’s Eve celebration–you’re going to the equivalent of a FOMO crackhouse. A place where your obligation to do something is always more important than your willingness to do that actual thing.

The “Homeland” Dilemma

Being “in” on the television show conversation carousel is pretty crucial nowadays. Not being able to chime in about how SICK, DUDE “Homeland” was last night is the one of the bigger first-world problems out there.

Point being, FOMO is one of the primary reasons for superficial bandwagon watching–people hopping onto a show because it’s now too “relevant” to be ignored. It’s watching not because you’re actually interested in the show, but because you want to be “in” on something solely to be “in” on something.

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