Idiot Or Awesome? Guy Plants Flag On Underwater Roller Coaster

Photo via @LoverBoyGenius

One of Superstorm Sandy’s most impressive feats of destruction was knocking Seaside Heights, New Jersey’s Jet Star Roller Coaster into the ocean. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes–or like a crazy dude rampaging on bath salts, anyway–one brave man has climbed atop it to raise an American flag.

Christopher Angulo, 38, wanted to make a statement for relief efforts, so he canoed out to the wreckage (with enough food and clothing to last a few days, plus a sleeping bag for those cold heroic nights) and let Old Glory fly. His mom describes him as a “daredevil,” but police–who arrested him at the scene–say he’s a common trespasser.

Let’s examine whether this is a dumb crime or an inspiring message of resilience…


Yeah, Angulo made a statement; he stated that he’s willing to waste taxpayer dollars and risk authorities’ safety so he can get some quick publicity. If he wanted to be patriotic, he could’ve just planted a flag on his front lawn.


Angulo reportedly told cops he did it “for America.” Hurricane victims need all the financial help they can get (no thanks to Congress) but they also need hope. Even when Mother Nature demolishes our structures, our spirit must remain standing. Besides, climbing that roller coaster looks super, super fun.

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