Who Is The Best Kind Of Football Fan? Let’s Put It To A Vote

Passing judgment on others will always be America’s true pastime, and attending a football game presents many opportunities to partake. After all, there are so many fantastic people in the crowd, from Drunk Guy (fan who likes beer even more than football) to Tweeter Of The Free World (fan who painstakingly livetweets the game because TV isn’t fast enough) to The Historian (older fan who constantly remarks to himself how “the game ain’t what it used to be”) to Sports Nerd (fan who sounds like he’s talking about “Star Wars“).

There are plenty of other winners at every game, so “Guy Code” is partnering with College Humor for a vote on who’s the greatest football fan of all. Right now “One Of The Guys” (girl fan who shows up guy friends in dedication, knowledge, drinking) is in the lead, winning 80% of match-ups. Which makes sense, because those ladies are awesome, especially compared to some of these lackluster candidates.

But hey, Ste-fan Spielberg (fan who films the whole game instead of watching it) could come from behind. Only you can decide!

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