15 Best (And Funniest) Fan Tribute Songs To Athletes

Photos: YouTube

Kudos to musician Mat Kearney who got his wish for Chip Kelly to return to coach his beloved Oregon Ducks, even though Kearney’s tribute song “Chip Don’t Go” probably had zero to do with Chip’s decision to eschew the NFL to return to Eugene. That assumes of course that Kelly isn’t a die hard Kearney fan, but the coach strikes us a Metalcore guy.

Kearney’s solid, well-informed tune got us all warm and fuzzy thinking about previous fan tributes — by professionals, punks, suburbanites and heartbroken middle-aged old men. Sports captivates all of us, but only special few feel moved to put their passion to music. By the way, we’re not talking about videos with mere images or video edited to a popular track (with one exception), but tributes using parody, original songs and the like. Some are damn good, others simply ridiculous, all have our stamp of approval. Check ‘em out below in no particular order, beginning with Kearney’s.

“Chip Don’t Go”

“Melo (Is It 3 You’re Looking For?)” … indeed it is but ‘Melo actually plays defense this year too thanks in part to Mike Woodson

Mark Teixeira tribute by a pair of Braves fans … tough break for this duo which only got 157 games from Tex (before he became a .250 hitter) spanning two seasons

A Colts fans cries for Peyton Manning … entire $150 production budget went toward a Manning Fathead

Transit’s “The Grizz” feat. Kyprios … from Big Country to another country

2H2H’s “White Lightning (A Tribute to Jordy Nelson)” … a testament to Rodgers’ greatness that even his slot receiver gets a song

“Kobe Bryant” by Lil Wayne

“Teach Me How to Jimmer” … like Dougie with more three pointers and less Cali Swag

Brian Cardinal’s 2011 playoffs performance … featuring Mike Bibby; just wait for it

Brett Favre’s Dong “See My Dong” … featuring Jenn Sterger, and Favre’s dong

Usain Bolt tribute “Time to Shine” … fast-paced Jamaican song for the fastest man in the world

“I’m a Raven (Suggs Theme)” … Don’t worry Flacco, your theme is coming

Emoney’s “We Here” — a tribute to the Oakland A’s … Moneyballin’

And on the other side of the Bay, the San Francisco Giants got an anthem set to an indie tune (The Lumineers)


Philly sports blog The700Level’s dedication to Jason Werth’s beard

Eminem’s protege in Cleveland with “LeBron Is Not Afraid”

A song about former Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus … A for Effort and holy s*** for stalkeriness

The anti-tribute to Andy Reid


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