Today’s Badass: Chinese Girl In Knee-High Boots Crescent Kicks Scissors From Suicidal Woman’s Hand

Photo: LiveLeak

Well there’s a headline you don’t read every year. The incident occurred in Guangzhou, China on Sunday when a distressed woman intent on committing suicide in the street began screaming and waving a pair of scissors before a crowd of passerby.

For the next phase of the story, we’re going to turn it over to LiveLeak, which used Google to (attempt to) translate the local news report.

With more and more people crowd, Hei Yinv emotions more and more excited, he began a sprinkle banknotes into heaven. Help to pick up the bill to a few girls at an age less than 20-year-old girl suddenly the crowd out.

Li said that she looks younger than 20 years old, wearing boots with shorts in the cold, exposed legs suck very eyes.

“Sprinkle banknotes into heaven” is a bit wordier than “make it rain” but keep it in mind if you’re looking for a more exotic phrase. Anyhow, the young girl wearing knee-highs and a short, possibly leather skirt, emerged from the crowd, determined the disarm the crazed woman whose hands were bleeding. Her next move took some serious cojones and was a great service to the others on the street, especially considering the recent spate of knife attacks that’s plagued China. Those of you with visions of valor in such grave situations, go eat your heart out. Or suck very eyes. Whatever.

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