Best And Worst Bowl Game Schwag Bags

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They don’t have to go to class, they co-mingle with the hottest co-eds and they get awesome swag bags for appearing in bowl games, college football players really have it made. The NCAA allows up to 125 players to receive gift packages from the bowl games as long as the total retail value does not exceed $550. Some bowl games nail it others miss the mark.

Best Bowl Game Schwag Bags

Kraft Fight Hunger:

  • Fossil watch: What time is it? Game time!
  • Nike FuelBand: It can measure how many calories you burn doing any activity, that’s right any activity.
  • FoxL wireless portable speaker system: Awesome for pissing off your nerdy R.A.!
  • Nike backpack: Great for not storing books in.

AutoZone Liberty:

  • Sol Republic Tracks HD Anthem headphones: Now you can tune your professor out in style.
  • Nike athletic shoes and sandals: Goodbye athletes foot.
  • Nike sunglasses: Perfect for discretely ogling chicks in the quad.

Russell Athletic Sports:

  • $420 shopping trip to a local Best Buy: 420? That’s no accident!
  • Timely watch: Still figuring out big hand little hand thing, but looks super shiny.

Worst Bowl Game Swag Bags

Gildan New Mexico

  • Oakley fine knit beanie cap: This is not how colleges land the big recruits, with the promise of free hats.
  • Gildan stadium blanket: Dream gift for any collegiate athlete, a blanket?!
  • Quill pen: Stud athletes can now shine in their calligraphy classes with their awesome quill pen.


  • Chick-fil-A Bowl hat: As if playing in the bowl game wasn’t enough free advertising.
  • Chick-fil-A gift card: Nothing ensures 110% effort from players like potential free sandwiches.
  • Russell Athletic travel bag: Perfect for hauling around all your “boss” Chick-fil-A gear.

Hyundai Sun

  • Top of the World cap: The USC bowl ban was worth the wait!
  • Coin: Perfect for all the avid coin collectors on both sides of the ball.
  • Helen of Troy hair dryer: No pre-game speech would be complete without mention of what this game means. There is literally 125 Helen of Troy hair dryers on the line!

helen of troy hair dryer
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