The Worst Things Men Will Put Up With For Sex

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Relationships are about compromise. For example, you want to see an action movie and your lady wants to see a chick flick, so you wind up seeing the chick flick, because she has veto power over intercourse. Actually, that’s not so much a “compromise” as the story of your life. Our pals at Guyism list all the horrible things dudes endure for action:

Owning a Small Dog
A man will only own one of those designer poop factories because he knows women are drawn to them in the same way that they’re drawn to purses. If you’ve ever seen a guy walking down the street carrying a small dog, the guy is thinking to himself, “This dog better get me laid soon or I’m turning him into a vest.”

Watching Anything with Sandra Bullock in It
No matter how many times they say it, “The Blind Side” is not a sports movie.

Watching the WNBA
While other female sports promote top-notch execution and athletes, televised WNBA games look like when a bird gets inside a house and people frantically try to get it out with a broom. It’s sloppy, slow and embarrassing. If you’re willing to sit through an entire WNBA game for the sake of having your sexless streak end like a shot clock, I salute you.

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