West Virginia: Land of Drinkin’, Dancin’, Fightin’ & Bein’ Awesome

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The residents of West Virginia have always remained true to their state’s motto: Montani Semper Libri, or for those few West Virginias who don’t speak Latin, Mountaineers Always Free. Whether it’s Jesco White, Randy Moss or Mary Lou Retton, West Virginia has produced some of the most talented and most extraordinary citizens in the United States. Last night, MTV premiered it’s new show “BUCKWILD,” which features some of West Virginia’s finest. In case you need a few more doses of pure West Virginia to satisfy you until the next episode, here are a few videos featuring some other proud residents of West Virginia.

Click here to watch the premiere and second episode of “BUCKWILD” online

West Virginia’s Most Awesome Man

Although he’s not on “BUCKWILD,” Willy may very well be West Virginia’s Most Awesome Man. He drives a Chevy, rides mountain bikes and isn’t afraid to ask the tough geographical questions.

Bobby Black Takes A Spill

Bobby Black may not have his life as together as Willy, but at least he’s not afraid to try new things, even if he has been slightly over-served. West Virginians welcome a challenge.

Dave The Kung Fu Master

Just because Dave is from West Virginia, it doesn’t mean he isn’t familiar with some Eastern Martial Arts.

Learn From The Best

If you go to Dave’s Ninja School, you will be decimating opponents with Ninjy and Judy chops in no time at all.

Naughty Girl

This is just another example of the great musical tradition that comes out of West Virginia.

Stop And Eat The Roses

Did you know that the soil of West Virginia is so fertile that the flowers that grow there have as much protein as a Porterhouse Steak? It’s true!

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Neal Stastny (@NealStas) is unfortunately from Louisiana, not West Virginia.