Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo Of His Wife In Mark Sanchez’s Jersey?

Credit: New York Daily News

While Jets head coach Rex Ryan sunbathed in the Bahamas last week, a tabloid photographer noticed something weird on his arm: a tattoo of wife Michelle wearing Mark Sanchez‘s No. 6 jersey, right below a shamrock with his kids’ names. Oh, and she’s not wearing pants. What a heartwarming family tribute?

We don’t know if Mrs. Ryan has ever actually worn Sanchez’s jersey–maybe she modeled it for the tattoo artist?–but either way, it’s a bizarre choice of body art. When the Ryans make love, why would Rex want Michelle looking at a drawing of herself and thinking about Mark Sanchez? Is that how he gets his rocks off? Can we please get this mental image out of our heads?

The New York Daily News has even more questions:

“This classic work of art could affect Ryan’s credibility with his players. Will they tease him about it? Will they be jealous of Sanchez? Will they think of Sanchez as the teacher’s pet? Couldn’t Ryan have expressed his ever-lasting love for the Jets with just a generic green jersey without a number?”

(They also speculate, “Obviously, there was another reason Ryan was reluctant to play Tim Tebow this season… Who wants to go through having the No. 6 replaced by No. 15?”)

It’s a classic mistake to get a lover tattooed on your body–because sometimes things don’t work out–but a lover and a football jersey? Considering how Sanchez played this season, Ryan might have to make an especially embarrassing trip to the laser removal center.

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