Our 5 Favorite Crazy Rammstein Moments

Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When rock stars age, one of two things usually happen: they fade into elderly obscurity, whether it’s because they were doing too many drugs or were just unpopular, or they keep touring and are an embarrassment to everyone involved. We’re looking at you Paul McCartney. Fortunately, German metal band Rammstein has studied these examples and is forging a new path. Today is lead singer Till Lindemann’s 50th birthday, and he is still as crazy and weird as he was the day he blowtorched his way out of the womb.

Lindemann and his buds formed Rammstein in 1994, and they’ve been touring since 1994. But where they avoid the pitfalls of bands like The Rolling Stones and Soundgarden is in their performance: Rammstein does so much crazy s**t on stage, no one really cares if Till’s voice is hoarse or he looks too wrinkly. Everyone in the band is a certified pyrotechnician, meaning they can do more cool fire tricks than your average metal band.

In honor of Till’s birthday, here’s our five favorite badass things Rammstein’s done in its career, three of which are from live performances and two are from music videos.

It’s Flamethrower Time

Now It’s Flaming Arms Time

It’s Flaming Everything Time

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