Today’s Badass: Guy Rescues Bobcat That’s Trying To Kill Him [Video]

A few hungry bros meant to trap a bunny (or something delicious, anyway) in the woods, but they wound up with a ferocious bobcat instead. So one of them, identified on YouTube as Brett Weiser, did the humane thing and freed the captured animal–even though it clearly wanted to chew his face off.

Over three perilous minutes, Weiser tries to hold the “frikkin’ mean little dude” down with a stick while prying the trap open with his foot, despite the bobcat’s whacking, biting, circling, growling and generally acting like an ungrateful jerk. (To be fair, from the bobcat’s perspective, it was pretty “frikkin’ mean” of the humans to set a trap in the first place.)

[Via io9]

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