Who Does Sylvester Stallone Follow On Twitter?

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt once Tweeted, “Punks get at me, bitches react to me.” OK, he didn”t. No matter, though, because by now you”re aware of Twitter and the power of access it grants to all of its users. This includes athletes, MCs, politicians and, yes, Oscar-nominated stars who”ve been blowing sh*t up on the big screen for close to 30 years.

Sylvester Stallone is a Hall-of-Fame action actor with hits like the “Rambo” series, “Demolition Man,” the “Rocky” franchise (which are technically sports films, but whatever) and, more recently,”The Expendables” flicks. We immediately followed him on Twitter, but were a little confused as to the people he chose to follow. It”s an odd mix of pop culture, fitness and reality-TV, which not only begs the question of who, but also why does Sylvester Stallone follow these people? Let”s take a look:

Dolph Lundgren

Fellow “Expendables” co-star, it makes sense that Sly follows Dolph. These two go as far back as “Rocky IV” when Dolph nailed his role as Rocky”s Soviet opponent, Drago. His Twitter feed mostly promotes his films with the occasional German or Swedish or some European language tweet about God-knows-what. So why does Sly Stallone follow Dolph?

The Kardashians Fan Club

Yeah, so…um…we never figured Sly to be such a big fan of The Kardashians. This is the guy who rampaged against an entire cult of murderers in “Cobra.” Maybe he has a soft spot for Kim“s ass, but we just don”t picture Sly cuddled up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn watching the reality-TV family.

Morgan Roupret

No idea what”s going on here. This guy is a online casino urologist in Paris. We”re assuming he”s either operated on Sly or the two hang out eating snails and croissants. It”s a strange feed to follow since every single tweet is in French (and some are strangely flirty).

Ryan Seacrest

We”re not exactly sure what Ryan Seacrest has to offer, but our teams of scientists are working on it. As far as following him on Twitter, there”s some lighthearted tweets about how awesome life is going for him, plus links to his Instagram account. The way we see it, Sly and Seacrest must get together and practice their backstroke in a gigantic pool filled with cash and babes.

Gunnar Peterson

This dude”s a personal trainer out in Beverly Hills. No doubt he and Sly must”ve traded workout secrets and tips on keeping your muscles shiny in the shade. On Twitter, Gunnar mostly replies to fellow Tweeters on subjects as important as plastic surgery and with inspirational quotes that don”t mean much if you”re sitting at a computer.

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a comedian, writer, and former Knicks fan/current Nets fan in Brooklyn, NY.