Guys, Be Careful Where You Donate Your Sperm!

Photo: Getty Images

Today’s Guy Code Blog public service announcement centers on a harrowing tale about a sperm donation gone wrong that recently came to a head.

Back in 2009, a 43-year-old Topeka, Kansas mechanic and father of foster and adopted children, William Marotta, responded responded to a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple offering $50 for a semen donation. Marotta decided to give his swimmers away for free, and one of the women carried a baby girl after being artificially inseminated. Marotta and the couple agreed that he would have no parental rights or responsibilities to the child.

Fast forward to present: the women fell on some hard financial times and requested Medicaid assistance through the State of Kansas Department for Children and Families, which has claimed that Marotta is in fact the father (based on a technicality concerning the insemination procedure), and thus liable for the three-year-old girl’s child support.

“In the long run, I think this will be a good thing, but I’m the one getting squashed,” Marotta said of the battle about his obligations to pay support, which the women don’t want him to have pay. “I can’t even believe it’s gone this far at this point, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.”

Poor Marotta is now bleeding money– an estimated 10% of his annual income already–to defend himself against the state; his wife can forget about any pearl necklaces or facials this year. The case has become a lightning rod for criticism about treatment of same-sex couples.

But back to your semen. Fellas, if you’re going to make a deposit to grab a load of cash, learn the laws of your state concerning donations to a sperm bank or via private agreement. Carry on.

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