Ray Lewis: Big Hits And Badass Moments From A Hall-of-Fame Career

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So this is it for Ray Lewis. One of the greatest linebackers in NFL history, Lewis announced Wednesday that he’ll be hanging up his cleats at the end of this season, his seventeenth in the league, after “one last ride” with the Baltimore Ravens this postseason.

We’ll skip the recap of his never-ending list of accolades; the Ray Lewis legacy is about intangibles — passion and desire. Also, fear. Lewis scared the s*** out of players, sometimes those on his own team. A self-proclaimed Natural Born Leader, Lewis was also an accused killer in 2000. Though he was never convicted and pleaded guilty only to obstruction of justice, he’s had to make peace with the stain.

Ravens teammate Ray Rice said he can’t picture Baltimore without Ray Lewis, but Lewis may be back soon with a microphone: SI.com’s Richard Deitch reports that Lewis is close to signing a multi-year deal with ESPN where he’s “expected to have a significant role on the network’s Monday Night Countdown program.” Mark Schlereth and his stern talks will have to make way for Ray Lewis’s intense, rip-your-head-off, greatness or bust sessions.

Video of big hits from the pre-YouTube part of his career are more evasive, so we focus below on the more recent yet equally brutal Ray Lewis collisions. Here’s a good starting place:

Sanchez to Dustin Keller over the midd-PHHHWHACK!!!! [2010]

Photo: mocksession/totalprosports

Probably a good idea to account for Lewis regardless of whether he’s showing blitz, particularly on a 4th and 2 with 30 seconds remaining, down five points [2009]

Lewis victimizes Titans fullback Ahmard Hall [2011]

ray lewis
Photo: gifsoup

#52 goes helmet to helmet with Ochocinco, and Ocho’s helmet loses [2009]

Photo: gifbin

You wanna know why Under Armour is a thriving brand? At least in part because in 2007 they signed up Ray Lewis to make UA synonymous with badass, and footsteps… [2007 – present]

“This is a man’s game, boy!!!!”

Madden 13 intro with Lewis on legacies, providing a virtual chest bump to legions of gamers

Lewis tucks Phillip Tanner into the turf [2012]

Photo: Cosby Sweaters

Compilation? Compilation. More hits, sacks, blocking and interceptions:

Baltimore fans are going to miss this:

And finally…

Keenan Thompson doing the Ray Lewis = Great!
Photo: KSK

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