Today’s Dumbass: Guy Invites Cops To Home, They Find 100+ Pot Plants

Credit: Getty Images

After two burglars robbed 54-year-old Florida man Shane Lawrence last week, he did what anyone would: call the police, so they could dust for fingerprints, collect stray hairs that might contain DNA evidence… you know, take a look around, see what they find.

Unfortunately for Lawrence, who–let’s remember–granted cops permission to enter, they allegedly found 110 marijuana plants in a bedroom and bathroom, totaling 55 pounds worth $44,000 on the black market. As if getting his stuff stolen wasn’t bad enough (and then getting his other stuff confiscated), he’s now looking at years in the slammer.

Lawrence joins a prestigious list of geniuses who allegedly brought 32 bags of weed to court, offered to sell weed to a parole officer and called 911 to discuss how high he was. Look, guys, if you’re smoking enough to be this absentminded, just move to Colorado–it’s a lot harder to get arrested for stupidity there.

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