GIFs: 20 Most Embarrassing Plays Of The 2012 NFL Season

The Jetsiest Jets Play Ever: Mark Sanchez Fumbles After Getting Floored By His Lineman's Ass
Photo: Deadspin

This post could be called “The Butt Fumble and other embarrassing plays,” but we have decided to join the Jets‘ ineptitude with other teams’ comical failings. That said, Mark Sanchez and the Jets are responsible for one quarter of the content in this post. Indeed: Just End This Season. But the Kansas City Chiefs provided Gang Green some competition, prompting us to devote an entire section to their gaffes too. Only one more week of misery, although these GIFs will live on forever.

Bills fans aren’t used to celebrating…

Photo: TheBigLead


Mark Sanchez, out of his comfort zone

Photo: senorgif

Tim Tebow, also not a wide receiver

Photo: bleacherreport

A good play by Sanchez, but they don’t give out trophies for soccer moves on a defensive touchdown-avoiding play

Photo: sbnation

The official conclusion of the Jets’ playoffs hopes

Photo: gawker

Nice try, punter

Photo: bucsnation/sbnation

Weeden sacked before the game even started

Photo: mocksession

An officer waving a flag at a Jets-Patriots game, or….?

Photo: imgur

Just Christian Ponder finding a new way to lower his QB rating

Photo: thevikingage

Stafford isn’t only inaccurate with the football

Photo: imgur

Mark Barron and Run DMC can’t quit each other

Photo: @cjzero

When life hands you a sh***y team, make bag heads

Photo: deadspin

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie “tackling” like Deion Sanders

Photo: sbnation


Juuuuuuuust a bit outside (from Brady Quinn)

Photo:  sbnation

Quinn starring in “Communication Breakdown”

Photo: cjzero

Why spin out of the pocket when you can just go straight to the fetal position?

Photo: sbnation

Cassel also sucked at celebrating this season

Photo: sbnation

Let’s not forget

Photo: faniq

Solid recovery


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