GIFs: 20 Best Celebration Dances Of 2012 NFL Season

11 Must-See GIFs From The NFL's Sixth Week
Photo: BuzzFeed

Even in the No Fun League, there are opportunities to let loose, dance or playfully taunt the opposition. Above, J.J. Watt takes Aaron Rodgers‘ title belt and chucks it like a cheap piece of leather. You can get away with that if you’re the likable, mammoth 6′ 5″ 300-pound league leader in sacks and passes swatted.

Previously we rounded up the most acrobatic plays of the 2012 regular season and the most embarrassing plays and now present the best celebration dances, with a double dose of Jacoby Jones and triple shot of Von Miller. Giddy up.

Kyle Vanden Bosch elects to keep his belt on against the Vikings

Photo: SB Nation

Jason Hill does hopscotch then Jeremy Kerley delivers the dice

11 Must-See GIFs From The NFL's Sixth Week
Photo: BuzzFeed


Domata Peko is “Gangnam Style” oh oh oh oh

Photo: mocksession

Dolphins DE Jared Odrick’s Pee Wee Herman dance

Photo: imgur

Ziggy Hood’s sexy dance

Photo: SB Nation

*      *      *

Henry  “Hynocerous” Hynoski’s Rhino dance

Photo: thebiglead 

Stevan Ridley … kicking a door down?

Photo: SB Nation

Just GRONK in London honoring “that little nutcracker dude

Photo: bleacherreport

Kyle Rudolph’s “The Ice Auger”

Photo: iminus

Donald Jones’s ‘Apache (Jump On It)’ celebration

Photo: SB Nation

Clay Matthews’ Dirty Dancing

Photo: thebiglead

Interim head coach, full time dance prodigy

Photo: imgur

Jacoby Jones, born to dance

Photo: cjzero


Photo: SB Nation


Part I

Photo: SB Nation

Part II

Photo: cjzero

Part III

Photo: bleacherreport

This kid should be a Bengals fan

Steve Smith’s still got it

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