Today’s Dumbass: Guy Allegedly Brings 32 Bags Of Weed To Court

Credit: Getty Images

Here’s the thing about courthouses: laws are enforced there.

New Jersey resident Marquis Diggs, 29, probably should’ve considered this when he showed up to family court (where his mom was dropping a restraining order) with 32 bags of marijuana in his jacket, according to police.

Guards arrested him on sight for a bunch of outstanding warrants, and a search allegedly revealed the contraband. It gets even worse for Diggs: because he was within 1,000 feet of a school, he’s looking at three extra years in jail. And the huge quantity of pot–dozens of bags instead of, like, one–gets him “intent to distribute” on top of mere possession.

It appears from that Diggs was also charged with distributing a controlled substance on school property back in 2006. If he’s prone to repeating his mistakes, let’s hope for his sake that he empties his pockets before the next court appointment.

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