Why Tim Tebow Is The Most Annoying Person Of 2012

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Tim Tebow hasn’t had the best year. Aside from the Jets imploding, things didn’t work out with his girlfriend. He’s a broken, lonely man with only his faith (and millions of dollars…and good looks) to comfort him. Our bros at BroBible took the opportunity to kick Tebow when he’s down, listing all the reasons why he was so awful in 2012:

The Where-Will-He-Go Drama
The Broncos, in their infinite wisdom, understood that Timothy was not a viable starting quarterback, opening the door for other franchises to begin the flirting. For all of the excruciating debate about his next landing spot, there were a grand total of two teams interested: Jacksonville and the New York Jets. So much ado about nothing.

The Fact That Tebowing Was a Thing
Stupidest trend ever. And that includes planking.

The Boring-Ass Cliché-Filled Interviews
Tebow has never, ever said anything interesting. He’s always said the “right” thing. Can you imagine how rewarding it would be if he actually spoke his mind? The world might spin off its axis. Deep down, we’re all hoping he’ll turn heel, renounce God and become the next Dennis Rodman. Maybe in 2013. MAYBE.

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