GIFs: 20 Most Acrobatic Plays Of 2012 NFL Season

Photo: Deadspin

Whooooooeeeeee!! Every season without fail, NFL players serve up dozens of acrobatic moves that straight video alone won’t satiate the need to marvel. The cream of this year’s crop incude one handed grabs, fancy footwork, incredible quarterback scrambles (with regrets to statuesque Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub and others), helicopters and hurdles. Props to SB Nation, Deadspin, The Big Lead, Bleacher Report and others who dropped the majority of these GIFs. They appear below in no particular order, although we felt compelled to give cover honors to Vic Ballard and his backwards spinning leap.

Joe Morgan sees the Bucs’ creamsicle uniforms and raises ninja moves

Photo: SB Nation

Apparently Saints players learned  jiu-jitsu (Darren Sproles here)

Photo: deadspin

Russell Wilson proving he doesn’t need offensive linemen

photo: bleacherreport

Best pass by a Cardinal all season

Philly’s Jason Avant reels one in

Photo: bleacherreport

Stevie Johnson can play that game too

Photo: thebiglead

Footwork of art

Photo: losthatsportsblog

“Quizz” Rodgers takes the Cowboys to school

Photo: sbnation

On a dime

Photo: SB Nation

Just a typical 4th and 10 play with RGIII

Photo: SB Nation

Nice hands on Texans’ Quin Glover

Photo: SB Nation

Ditto for Reggie Wayne

Photo: SB Nation

Ed Reed gets hurdled Part I

Photo: the700level

Ed Reed gets hurdled Part II

Photo: thebiglead

Style points for David Wilson

Photo: gifsection

Percy Harvin fools the Titans twice

Photo: SB Nation

Reggie Bush’s balancing act

Photo: bleacherreport

Redskins fans stopped breathing until RGIII stuck the landing

Photo: bleacherreport

Riley Cooper proving (some) white guys can jump

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Photo: Deadspin

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