Today’s Badass: MMA Fighter Goes Vigilante On Shoplifter

Credit: Finney’s Pro Training/Facebook

Jesse Finney, a former MMA welterweight competitor and current trainer, was shopping for groceries at a Missouri supermarket when a man–allegedly carrying seven bottles of vodka–rushed out the wrong door. A female employee tried to stop the suspected thief, but he fought back. And that’s when six-foot Finney pinned him to the ground.

“Chill out, relax, I’m not gonna hurt you,” Finney, who started his MMA training at age nine, told the other man. “Police are on their way. You’re gonna get arrested.”

The shoplifter kept struggling and threatening, according to Finney, but “wasn’t getting up, I can promise you that.”

Finney is now using this media moment to improve MMA’s public image. He says many people assume “you’re a mean guy, you’re a tough guy or you’re a bully, and a lot of times it’s just the opposite.” Sometimes you’re just Batman.

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