Manscaping Has Landed Thousands Of Guys In The ER

Credit: Getty Images

A decade ago you never heard the word “manscaping.” Back then we let our personal jungles grow lush and free, as nature and Burt Reynolds intended. By the mid-’00s, however, dudes were expected to trim. There wasn’t a vote or a decree or anything; it was just something in the air. We suddenly, collectively realized that ladies preferred us shorn.

Little did we know it’d be the death of us all.

That’s the only reasonable conclusion to reach from a new study in the medical journal Urology. Doctors at the University of California in San Francisco found that hospitalizations in America from pubic hair grooming increased fivefold between 2002 and 2010. Of the 11,704 total injuries, nearly half the bleeders were guys, and their average age was 30, which “largely paralleled observations about cultural grooming trends in the United States.”

The study’s authors recommend using electric shavers to chop off your evolutionary remnants of monkey fur, because traditional razors were responsible for 83% of wounds. As for the other 17%, we’re guessing scissors and overenthusiastic tugging, because we refuse to believe that any man waxes.

[Via Dave Barry]

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