What Not To Say When Your Girl Asks For Your ‘Number’ [Video]


If you’re seated across the table by a woman like comedian Nikki Glaser during a date, you’re probably screwed no matter what if she demands an answer. Still there’s a dilemma that vexes Joe DeRosa in the video: What the heck do you say if a girlfriend asks how many women you’ve slept with? Tell the truth? One less than what she says? One more? A complete misrepresentation? How about a date ending “35, plus your mom”? You’ll have to feel out the situation, although we think the number is irrelevant in any case.

Check out the funny/awkward scene starring Nikki Glaser, one half of MTV’s upcoming show “Nikki & Sara LIVE.”

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What A Guy Should Never Say In Bed: A Lesson From Nikki Glaser [Video]