Today’s Badasses: Guys Lift Car Off Little Girl

Credit: Warner Brothers

A three-car accident in Brooklyn last night, caused when a cab hit a sedan and an SUV, led to a dire situation: one of the vehicles skidded onto the sidewalk and trapped a nine-year-old girl underneath… until a bunch of pedestrians lifted it off of her.

The kid, Tawaiian Holmes, was riding her scooter when the automobile pinned her from head to toe. According to the New York Post, she told her mother, “Mommy, I love you. Help me. I don’t want to die.” And she didn’t, because seven dudes rushed over, pooled their strength and collectively benched 4,000 or so pounds.

“I couldn’t pick it up, I got on my back and tried to push it with my legs,” one of the guys told CBS. Another said, “[T]he second time we lifted it, we got it up and her mother slid her out.”

The broken legs won’t be any fun, but at least she’ll live, and so will the other half-dozen people injured in the crash. (Police arrested the driver allegedly responsible.) Tawaiian’s mother said, “I think the men who helped are awesome.” We agree.

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