Tim Tebow Endures Breakup And His Worst Week Ever

Photos: Getty Images for Michael Kors, Getty Images  Sport

The Tim Tebow bandwagon is about 97 pounds lighter today. According to Us Weekly, the NFL’s most famous personal punt protector and his lady friend, actress Camilla Belle, have split.  “It just didn’t work out,” a source told the tabloid.

Does this have anything to do with Jets former third-string quarterback Greg McElroy‘s promotion over the supposed backup? Hard to tell, although things were looking good: she had just met his parents plus the pair went to church together.

Now T2 is sort of jobless and girlfriend-less, plus the world ends tomorrow. Regarding his quasi-demotion by the Jets, he said: “All you can ask for, all you want is a chance — a chance to go out and play the game you love and help this team win football games. That’s all I wanted. I tried to make the most of every opportunity I had. I would’ve loved to have had more.”

We’re trying to figure out if he’s ever had a more unpleasant stretch. The week after Florida lost at home to unranked Mississippi? The time the media tried to hook him up with Katy Perry? Annoying but not exactly a hardship there so we’re going to say, from the outside looking in, this is the suckiest week Tebow’s ever had.

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