Today’s Dumbass: Tired Of Long Wait, Man Burns Denny’s Christmas Tree

Credit: Getty Images

If a waiter or waitress takes too long to bring a check, most of us express our displeasure by tipping under 15%. (Or not tipping at all, if we’re especially vindictive.) But a San Antonio man was so pissed at a local Denny’s for making him sit around for “several minutes” after finishing his meal, he allegedly set fire to a Christmas tree inside the restaurant.

Nobody was hurt in the yuletide inferno, which caused $150,000 in damage. Police haven’t been able to ID the tough-customer pyromaniac yet, although they’re hoping surveillance footage helps bring him in for arson charges. (They’re also hoping “Gandalf’s Gobble Melt” on Denny’s new “Hobbit” menu is worth the slow service.)

If authorities do manage to catch this guy, at least he’ll never have to wait for a check in the prison cafeteria. Good luck burning that down.

[Via GuySpeed]

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