The 20 Best Tweets About Kanye West’s Leather Kilt

Kanye West has been wearing a leather kilt (or man-skirt, or whatever it is) at his concerts for awhile, but last night’s 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit was many people’s first exposure to it. And whenever a celebrity does something weird, the masses turn to Twitter.

No surprise, #KanyesKilt became a whole thing, even spawning its own account with tweets such as “You would not believe the chafing going on in here right now” and “For those of you wishing to purchase a similar garment, go to your local Scottish S&M outlet.” Here’s the best of the rest…

1. The Mayans warned us:

2. One of the best skirts of all time:

3. Solid plan:

4. Oh yes, we remember:

5. Maybe someday:

6. Can’t he wear both?

7. It was a marketing stunt all along:

8. From Chris Distefano of “Guy Code”:

9. Too soon!

10. Meow?

11. “Cute”?

12. You got us:

13. You also got us:

14. Good plan:

15. Thanks for that mental image, Rob:

16. “Modern Family” exec. producer… and style consultant:

17. Bad trip:

18. Fair point:

19. We should all be so lucky:

20. Truth:

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