The World According To Pretty Toney: Huster’s PBJ

Credit: Yellow Dog Productions

We’re living in hard economic times. Yeah, the recession’s getting a little better, but that’s not much comfort when you’re struggling to pay the bills. Fortunately, Ghostface Killah (in character as Pretty Toney) can teach you how to live on just $5.00 per day. You might have to get over your taste for the finer things and settle for a “hustler’s diet” of peanut butter and jelly–but if you ask us, a PBJ is a finer thing. And don’t forget your cookie on the side.

After you watch the video below, check out MTV’s very first interactive e-book, “The World According to Pretty Toney,” which combines Ghostface’s advice with audio and video, and even photos starring “Guy Code” cast-member Donnell Rawlings. You can download it (MSRP $9.99) via the iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

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