How To Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater Like A Man

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Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t the most wonderful attire. Sooner or later, though, somebody will pressure you to wear one: either your mom (because it’ll make your grandma happy) or your girlfriend (because she thinks it’s festive and cute) or a buddy throwing an ugly sweater party (because… actually, we don’t know why people do this).

Whatever the reason, you’ll need to get an ugly Christmas sweater, and you’ll need to wear it the right way. We’re here to help.

1. Go Proudly

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Confidence is the key to rocking an ugly Christmas sweater. If you’re pouting the whole time, you’ll look like a buzzkill. Just own it and try to have fun.

2. Go Offensive

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Grandma’s eyesight isn’t so great. She’ll probably tell you how nice you look in this.

3. Go Together

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It’s easy to make fun of someone for wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, but if you and your girlfriend wear matching ugly Christmas sweaters, nobody can mock you. Well, they can, but at least you’re still getting laid.

4. Go Electric

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An ugly Christmas sweater will inevitably turn heads, so you might as well put flashing lights on it and turn even more heads. Never forget: your ultimate goal is “so bad, it’s good.”

5. Go Jewish

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Jews are the chosen people… chosen to wear ugly sweaters just like everyone else.

6. Go Pantless

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Don’t want people to notice what you’re wearing on top? Wear nothing on bottom! What could be a better holiday than Christmas for taking your clothes off? (Except St. Paddy’s.)

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