Who Is Hip-Hop’s Favorite Tolkien Character?

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What do big-bootied girls, life in the hood and J.R.R. Tolkien have in common? They’ve all inspired rappers, of course. With “The Hobbit” hitting theaters on Friday, we turn our eye (of Sauron!) to the question that no one has ever asked: Which Tolkien character is most referenced by rappers?

Using the robust lyric database at Rap Genius, we tallied all the Bilbos, Gollums and Legaloses in hip-hop (excluding all those in French, which was kind of a lot). Here’s what we learned, along with an example for each character.

Aragorn: 1 reference

“Like Aragorn call them ghosts off the ship / We gon’ slide through your city start tearing up s**t.”
3 Melancholy Gypsies, “The Plannit”

Legalos: 2 references

“Hard body spitta, overnight deliver / Lyrics sharper than Legolas’s arrows up in the quiver.”
Chris Webby, “Hands Up”

Sauron: 4 references

“Like the Eye of Sauron, I couldn’t look away / She was with some joker, but dude was probably gay.”
Your Favorite Martian, “Club Villain”

Bilbo Baggins: 5 references

“Weezy rock so much ice, you should call meh real cold / Got so many rings they should call me Bilbo.”
Lil Wayne, “The Lost Carter IV Song”

Gandalf: 9 references

“Gandalf got them beats worth a G times eleven.”
Murs, “F**k Heroes”

Gollum: 9 references

“My dreams of reaching the stardom / Was slimmer than a small project towns gossip column / Cold as the heart of Gollum.”
XV, “Squares”

Frodo Baggins: 28 references

“And I’m solo, cause I heard that what hoes really want is a ring like Frodo”
Big Sean, “Get ‘Em”

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