What Nick Offerman Has Been Doing For 9 Months

Credit: NBC

Back in March, Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation” star and proud owner of People magazine’s “Sexiest Mustache”) decided that he’d had enough of Twitter. Even though 97,000+ followers depend on his tweets for laughter, the actor wanted a simpler life:

Of course, everyone with a Twitter account occasionally promises to spend less time on Twitter. We never do, because we’re all deeply sick. But Offerman actually meant it. He didn’t tweet a single time between March 24th and today, when he sent out this photo…

Looks like he found something outside to make with his hands after all. Women spend nine months bringing a baby to term; Nick Offerman spends the same amount of time bringing a wooden hatchet to term. Which is the real miracle of life? That question answers itself.

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