Today’s Dumbass: NYPD Cop Fired For Trying To Pimp Undercover Coworker

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Back in 2009, Brooklyn policeman Monty Green asked a fellow officer, posing as a prostitute named Candy, “You looking for a daddy?” After an internal trial, the NYPD has fired him. (That’s what you get for not taking the time to meet people around the office.)

Green’s lawyer told the NY Daily News that the “daddy” offer was just “flirting,” and “they can’t prove anything.” However, other wiretaps reportedly have Green asking established pimps for advice and negotiating finances with Candy, telling her that how much money he makes “[d]epends on how well you did.”

Green plans to sue the city for character assassination, but he won’t face jail time; the district attorney declined to press charges because a bunch of prostitutes had apparently been intimidated into silence. Not exactly one of New York’s finest, if true.

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