The Most Annoying Things People Say In the Workplace

A guy shouldn’t get caught up in office politics. Isn’t it enough that we do our jobs without a bunch of psychological warfare and petty backbiting? Passive-aggressiveness is the least manly kind of aggression. Nevertheless, when you spend 40+ hours per week around your coworkers, some of them will drive you crazy. Our pals at BroBible list the worst offenders:

Dr. Action Verbs

Common Phrases: “Punch a few numbers.” “Bang out an Email.” “Run it over to you.”

Jobs are boring. We get it. But there’s no reason at all to making things sound more interesting than they are by inserting action verbs in every sentence. The only action that wants to take place after this guy opens his mouth is a swift kick to the rectum.

The Guy Who Thinks He’s Hilarious

Common Phrases: “That’s what she said.” “Verrry Niceee.” Other dated pop-culture references. Answers the phone: “Vandeley Industries.”

It doesn’t matter if you laugh or not because he’ll laugh at his own jokes for you. The worst part about the guy who thinks he’s hilarious is that all of the office drones who have lost their own sense of reality think he’s hilarious, too.   Every time he speaks takes another 10 minutes off your life.

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