The 7 Best Christmas Tree Toppers For Guys

Credit: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Guys should be resourceful. Why buy Christmas ornaments when you can make them yourself? Showcase your creativity and ingenuity! (Or at least your juvenile sense of humor!) There’s probably enough stuff lying around the house to get the job done. Here are the best Christmas tree toppers made by guys, all of whom are probably single.

1. Not exactly a kiss under the mistletoe

Photo via Jokeroo

The cheap domestic beer adds an extra touch of class.

2. Stripper Claus

What child wouldn’t want to open presents while a woman spins around a pole?

3. Beer angel

Photo via

Gives new meaning to “holy night.”

4. A guy named Angel

Photo via

Look, kids, it’s decapitated Angel Pagan! (Not a Giants fan? Then go with Angel Sanchez or Angel Mangual.)

5. Nicholas Cage

Photo via

…or as we’ll call him, “Saint Nic.” (Scholars believe that this is the best representation of the actual star that guided the three wise men to the manger.)

6. Keg + Beer + Traffic Cone = Tree?

Photo via

It has a sturdy base, some green in the middle and a top that glows. Just staple some tinsel on there and it’s complete.

7. Horse Head Mask

Photo via

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the infamous horse head mask. Who needs Rudolph?

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