Gift Guide 2012: 8 Supernatural-Themed Beers

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Just because there isn’t any “solid” proof to support the existence of zombies, werewolves or any other supernatural beings doesn’t mean they don’t walk among us. With pop culture phenomenons like  “The Walking Dead” and “Twilight,” it’s like we’ve been taken over by the undead already.

Most guys don’t give a crap about this stuff until it starts affecting things we care about, like beer.  Zombies, werewolves and vampires have infected our beloved brew more now than in the past years. The Guy Code Blog staff has sacrificed many hours to put together a list of our favorite supernatural brews for the holidays. Let’s just make sure you are 21 and older before you “exorcise” a bottle for yourself. Have a Merry Holiday.

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Werewolf Blood Red Ale-Newcastle Brewery


Our Take: Like its namesake, Newcastle’s Werewolf Ale starts out one way (sweet) and turns out something totally different (dry). With 4.5% alcohol content, it might just cause you to bite the first thing that moves, so beware.

Mortality Stout- Reaper Ale Brewery

Credit: Reaper Brewery

Our Take: For those who like their beer a little stronger and deeper, Mortality Stout will make your dark side come out. With hints of mocha, don’t mistake this for a latte from your corner Starbucks.

White Zombie Ale-Catawaba Valley Brewing Company

Credit: Catawaba Valley Brewery Company

Our Take: With all these friggin zombies roaming around us, we wanted to check out what they might be drinking. White Zombie Ale is a killer. Have one in hand when the apocalypse takes place and you might get a pass from one of those bloodsuckers.

King Goblin-Wychwood Brewery (UK)

Credit: Wychwood Brewery

Our Take: From across the pond, where they know a few things about making good beer as well as things undead. King Goblin is brewed with chocolate and crystal malt and has 6.6% alcohol making it a royal treat for anyone worthy.

Red Devil Ale-R&B Brewing Company

Credit: R&B Brewing Company

Our Take: From our good friends in Canada comes, Red Devil Ale. For a brew named something so evil, Red Devil is actually quite refreshing. Just like the devil, this brew will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do if enjoyed too much.

Headless Horseman Pumpkin Ale-Four Horseman Brewing

Credit: Four Horseman Brewing

Our Take: Headless Horseman Pumpkin Ale’s label is not only badass, so is the taste. With notes of cinnamon and pumpkin this brew tastes like a pumpkin pie from your aunt’s house. At 6.9%, you might forget where you parked your horse and choose to take a carriage home instead.

Ghost Face Killah Beer-Twisted Pine Brewing Company

Credit: Twisted Pine Brewing Company:

Our Take: GFK is made from Hot as Hell peppers and lives up to its name. Forget about the college hot-wing contest, that’s for wimps, this is the real deal. You need to pair this brew with milk and ice cream to survive.

Alpha Klaus-3 Floyds Brewery

Credit: 3 Floyds Brewery

Our Take: If Santa had an evil twin it would be Alpha Klaus, made with English chocolate malt, Mexican sugar and tons of strange American hops. Alpha Klaus makes the best time of year even better with great flavor and 6.0% alcohol.

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