Finally, A Vanity Plate For Guys To Be Proud Of

Credit: Gary Price

Let’s be honest: a vanity license plate is usually the mark of a total douche. Whether advertising the driver’s party lifestyle, physical attractiveness or religious beliefs, it’s embarrassing. Why can’t they just stick with random numbers and letters like the rest of us?

However, we’re gonna make a big special exception for Gary Price, who recently registered the above “GUYCODE” plate. (Looks like he has a sweet ride to slap it on, too.) Wherever he drives, people will know that he’s dedicated to manly wisdom and upholding the code. Any policeman worthy of the badge should let Gary cruise at any damn speed he wants.

Naturally we’re flattered, especially as this comes just a few months after the world’s first “Guy Code” tattoo. If you think you can one-up these super fans, drop us a line.

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