Today’s Dumbasses: Two Colorado Students Feed Pot Brownies To Classmates, Professor

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Just because Colorado recently legalized marijuana, that doesn’t mean every resident wants it in their food supply. According to University of Colorado police, two students baked pot brownies for “Bring Food Day,” and then got their entire class–including the professor–super, super high. Not “fun” high, either… more like “hospitalized with panic attacks” high.

(Tip for graduating: don’t land your prof in the psych ward for a THC-induced freak out.)

Police arrested the 19- and 21-year-old pastry chefs–who confessed their secret ingredient–after paramedics rushed the faculty member and two students to the E.R. for dizziness, anxiety and blackouts. Apparently, sharing your edibles qualifies as second-degree assault if the other person is unaware.

At a press conference, a police spokesperson said, “Putting marijuana into a food product and providing it to someone without their knowledge … is something we take very seriously.”

(We’re guessing the students’ prison escape scheme involves baking pot donuts.)

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