Melanie Iglesias & Lisa Ramos Discuss Fans, Cyber Stalkers & Boners

Before the Internet, you had to summon bravery to approach hot girls. Now you can just send them a tweet or Facebook message. Low-stress, right? The problem is, a guy can easily come across the wrong way online, as Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos know all too well. And they want to help improve your digital game.

First off, don’t be gross. “Sit on my face” is a bad introduction. Also, don’t tweet drunk–because, as Lisa explains, “You’re always going to say something you’ll regret.” And never say “I’m not a stalker,” because then you’ll just sound like one.

(On the other hand, Melanie thanks Reddit’s Gentlemanboners section, because “there’s no bigger compliment than a boner.”)

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