Why Lindsay Lohan Is The Perfect Goddess For Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan
Photo Via eonline.com

MTV is airing “Mean Girls” on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Things were different for Lindsay Lohan back then, but she could get back on track with help from an unlikely benefactor.

Charlie Sheen reportedly gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help pay down her IRS tax debt. The National Enquirer (which is occasionally right) speculates that Sheen has fallen hard for the actress. Perhaps he’s just the most generous platonic friend ever, but Lohan would make an ideal “Goddess” for him. Here’s why…

1. Duh, Winning

Sheen and Lohan both became famous at relatively young ages, and both spiraled out of control. However, Sheen rescued his career–he’s an even bigger star post-breakdown, with a hit TV show and a great-looking movie costarring Bill Murray–while Lohan continues to struggle. He could teach her how to turn controversy into a comeback.

2. Major League Laughs

The perfect mate is someone who makes you laugh. Sheen and Lohan share a similar sense of humor about their public images; he milked it for an infamous comedy tour, while she made this genuinely hilarious FunnyOrDie video:

3. Herbie Fully Totaled

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have the best luck with automobiles–she recently crashed a Porsche on the way to the set of “Liz & Dick“–and Charlie Sheen once dropped over $790,000 for new cars in a single month. C’mon, these two were made for each other.

4. Vatican Assassins

They both have a thing for knives. While Sheen once allegedly brandished one against ex-wife Brooke Mueller–not exactly his most admirable moment–Lohan took this smoking hot photo…

Lindsay Lohan Knife
Photo Via Celebrity-Gossip.net

5. Torpedoes Of Truth

They both say whatever they feel. Whether it’s Sheen bragging about his “Adonis DNA,” or Lohan telling her father to read “a book for dummies on HOW TO BE A MAN,” they’re brimming with honesty, the most necessary ingredient for making any relationship work.

Studio heads, ex-spouses, tabloids, parents, rehab, the law, publicists, the IRS… whatever life throws at these two, they’re invincible and destined to be together.

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