Taylor Swift Can’t Rap (Or Beatbox)–Sorry About That

Credit: Frederick Breedon IV/Getty Images

Back in April, we put together a list of “5 Female Pop Stars Who Can Surprisingly Rap,” and included Taylor Swift (a.k.a. “T-Swizzle”) because of her joke duet with T-Pain, “Thug Story.” Here’s what we said at the time:

With lyrics like “I’m so gangster you can find me baking cookies at night/You out clubbing but I just made caramel delight,” you can’t go wrong. She had everything in the video from the cars to the bling…

We mention this now because we want to–need¬†to–apologize. At last night’s Grammy nominations, T-Swizzle attempted to beatbox with LL Cool J, and the results were…well, you be the judge:

To be fair, Swift warns LL and the audience to lower their expectations, but we suspect false modesty on her part. She clearly had the confidence to go through with it. And where did she get that confidence? Possibly from reading our blog, in which case, here’s our mea maxima culpa to hip-hop as an art form.

Because when you’re in the wrong, you take it back and eat your crow like a man. That’s Guy Code.

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