Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Stories Shared By Our Readers

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Earlier this week, we told you about a girl who allegedly ran over her boyfriend’s mother after their breakup. (She also called him 750 times per day, which is at least 749 too many.) This got us wondering: what are your psycho ex-girlfriend tales of woe?

To say the least, you didn’t disappoint. Actually, y’all might need personal bodyguards. Our favorite responses below, which are scarier to read than a Stephen King novel.

1. More permanent than a tattoo:

2. But who else will be the daddy?

3. She’s just expressing her spiritual side:

4. High-maintenance:

5. Just a tiny bit of road rage:

6. Just like Tiger Woods:

7. 110 pounds of fury:

8. If at first you don’t succeed…

9. You might wanna change the locks:

10. Surprise, surprise, stalker surprise:

11. Want to know how I got these scars?

12. What’s so crazy about being a “Jersey Shore” fan?

13. Too many psycho ex-girlfriends to count:

14. Maybe your ex wasn’t the psycho?

15. Fair point:

16. And we have a winner for craziest ex of all:

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