10 Wu-Tang Girls We Love: “Wu Mamis” Coming Through [Photos]

Photo via wudisciples.blogspot.com

User-submitted pics never get old, even when they’re submitted to a fan site for a hip-hop collective that peaked in the ’90s. That’s all good, though. The Wu-Tang Clan‘s founding members still manage to crank out one bangin’ solo project after another–like Ghostface Killah‘s new MTV ebook–and long-lived tribute blog Wu Disciples shares enough love to maintain a respectable cult Internet presence.

And by “love,” we mean “lovelies,” specifically on Wu Mami’s Tuesday, a send-in-your-Wu-hotness photo contest. Check out our favorites, from the Brooklyn Zoo and beyond. You’ll understand why.

1. Up from the 36(DD) Chambers:

2. Funny, she doesn’t look Wu-ish:

3. Bzzzworthy:

4. Liquid Swords they’re not:

5. Only built 4 Cuban Linux:

6. Wrap mogul:

7. No pun… we just like this one:

8. Clearly a resident of the slums of Shaolin:

9. Because every bride should be a princess on her Wudding day:

10. Just GZA’d our pants:

(All photos via Wu Disciples. Ladies, if you want to become a Wu Mami, submit your entry.)

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Brian Abrams (@brianabrams) is a blogger and editor in New York City