The Great Emasculation: Ohio College Bans ‘Men Working’ Construction Sign

Credit: Getty Images

Introducing our new recurring feature, “The Great Emasculation,” which will bring you the latest on how manhood is crushed on a regular basis. We deserve and expect a Pulitzer.

When you see a construction crew’s “Men Working” sign, you probably ignore it, ’cause you have bigger problems. (For example: backed-up traffic, thanks to the damn construction crew.) But an administrator at Dayton, Ohio’s Sinclair Community College decided to get such a “sexist” sign bannedeven though no women were working.

The school gave industrial operations company Jcrane a choice: remove the “Men Working” proclamation or get off its campus. Jcrane protested, “In no way is the signage … sexist,” but ultimately backed down, because money.

We’re sticklers for accuracy, so we’d (kinda-sorta) understand Sinclair’s decision if any females had been on the job. But since it was all dudes, the sign was a statement of fact, not patriarchal oppression.

“While it may not have been necessary to suggest that work be stopped, Sinclair stands by its commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory,” the college’s spokesman said in a statement.

Spokesperson, we mean! Please don’t ban “Guy Code,” Sinclair Community College.

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