Ghostface Killah Stars In The World According To Pretty Toney

Pretty Toney

This is “for all y’all smart dumb cats out there.” In the days before “Guy Code,” there was a void of real, yet hilarious advice for men. To help fill that hole, MTV2 offered up a series of short videos featuring legendary hip-hop artist Ghostface Killah as Pretty Toney giving his unique perspective on everything from sex to gambling, family to education and even how to eat on just $5 a day, better known as “The Hustler’s Diet.” The musings ran on MTV2 and quickly became a channel and online hit, with fans uploading the shorts on YouTube.

Pretty Toney has lived under-the-radar for a few years, but he’s back now in MTV’s very first interactive e-book, “The World According to Pretty Toney.” Fusing together audio commentary with funny photography starring “Guy Code” cast-member Donnell Rawlings, and short-form video that previously aired on MTV2, the e-book allows readers to navigate through Pretty Toney’s best advice on everything. Fans can download the e-book beginning today (MSRP $9.99) via the iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

As a special treat for Guy Code Blog readers, we’ll be running a selection of the original Pretty Toney videos every Tuesday and Thursday for the next five weeks. Enjoy the first one today, go download the e-book and if you wanna suck yo’ thumb, then suck yo’ thumb, yo.

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