Rob Kardashian Says Rita Ora Cheated With 20 Guys

Screenshot via @Kruddy_C

Rob Kardashian, “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and brother of Kim/Khloé/Kourtney, had a long-rumored relationship with singer Rita Ora. Just a month ago, they were tweeting kiss pics. Now, however, he’s accusing her of cheating on him with “nearly 20 dudes.”

As you can see above, Rob is “disgusted” that his love “could give up her body” to so many other guys when she’s “busy trying to start her own career.” Although he promptly deleted the tweets (along with most of his others, kinda like Chris Brown), the damage was done. Not to her reputation, but to his. Why the hell would any man share this information?

Look, if you date enough people, you’ll get cheated on sooner or later. It sucks, it feels awful and you’ll hate yourself almost as much as you hate your ex… but you don’t go around broadcasting the fact you got cuckolded, especially if you have 3.8 million Twitter followers.

If your girl strays, it should be your private shame, not your social media pity party. Otherwise, you’re just telling the world that you’re a chump and can’t keep a woman satisfied physically. As this tweeter astutely notes:

But hey, Rob, cheer up: if things had worked out with Rita, your marriage would’ve probably lasted 72 days or so anyway.

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