The 10 Biggest Dumbasses Of 2012

Photos: Cathedral Licking Diary, Photobucket, Volusia County Jail, Daily Mail

A few times each week, Guy Code bloggers highlight idiotic actions in a series titled “Today’s Dumbass.” It’s not self-righteous because these people really are jackasses (see above, right) who’ve exhibited uniquely terrible judgment, if only for one fleeting moment. They’re not all criminals, by the way, because it’s not criminal to be a dumbass.

It was a competitive field this year, but we’ve separated the dumb from the extremely dumb from the extraordinarily dumb. And now we present them to you and at the end, ask you to vote for biggest dumbass of them all. Think long and hard. These people did not.

1. Hulk fan who painted himself with Military-grade green paint

Photo: Daily Mail

2. Teen who reported his drug-induced dream to police

Photo: Volusia County Jail

3. Slovakian kids who tried to smoke and set ablaze a 14th century castle

Photo: AFP

4. Woman who ran over her husband because he didn’t vote

Photo: ABC15

5. Student who was hospitalized due to butt chugging

Credit: Sean Murphy via Getty Images

6. Guy who knowingly sold weed to his former parole officer

Credit: Florence County Detention Center Photo

7. Brit bloke who’s licking all 64 Anglican cathedrals in UK’s borders

Credit: Cathedral Licking Diary

8. Man who (allegedly) porked his pig

Credit: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

9. Drunk burglar who cooked a steak and ate Klondike bars while homeowner slept

10. Teacher who staged a fake execution of his students

Credit: Kingsport Times

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