6 Videos Of Santa Claus Hilariously Drunk

Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The Christmas season drives a lot of people to drink, whether it’s out of joy or depression. And if you thought shopping for presents was stressful, just imagine being Santa Claus, who has to select gifts for millions of kids around the world. You can’t blame St. Nick for blowing off steam, but sometimes he gets a little too overcome with the holiday spirit.

1. Drunk Santa In A Parking Garage

Being a mall Santa must be a tough job. You have to wear a hot costume and scratchy beard all day. You have to listen to spoiled kids beg for bikes and video games. It’s exhausting, so why not sneak a few drinks in the break room? Let’s hope Rudolph is his designated driver.

2. Drunk Santa Takes A Plunge

Gives new meaning to “on the roof there arose such a clatter…” Just to be on the safe side, Santa should probably get a concussion test.

3. Drunk Santa’s Late Night Snack

Santa has consumed millions of cookies and an ocean of milk over the years. He probably never wants to see a chocolate chip or a glass of milk again. Looking at Santa’s weight, it’s no wonder that he craves fast food.

4. Drunk Ranting Santa

What’s better than merry, jolly Santa? Angry, political Santa! Because it’s not Christmas until St. Nick complains about the world’s overpopulation problem.

5. Drunk Santa Heckles LeBron

Maybe LeBron’s handwriting wasn’t legible enough when he wrote to Santa, asking for a ring.

6. Drunk Santa Vs. The Police

Santa has fallen on some hard times. He’s lost his sled and now has to ride a bike. And now he’s going to spend Christmas Eve in the slammer.

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